What is Managed eCommerce Website?


At SoftyProg, managed eCommerce website offers A to Z eCommerce website designing and development, providing a complete eCommerce website with essential security system support and updates; we ensure you can concentrate only on your sales and making more money. We also like you to offer 360-degree support for your Website, which comes with an additional cost but is not mandatory. We are ready to grow you to the sky with no limited monetary income. Let’s go!!


What will you get from our Managed eCommerce ready-to-sell Website?


Your newly managed eCommerce website from SoftyProg is very straightforward and designed explicitly for your business needs. We list features in two sections (Admin Panel and client area) which contain features tailored to your business and are listed below:


Admin Panel:

  • User management – create, update, delete, and manage site users.
  • Roles manager –  manage Existing user roles.
  • Order management – list all orders, update order status, manage orders and send order updates to the customer, and process refunds.
  • Tax and shipping module – create, update, delete, and manage Tax and shipping calculations based on distance, product dimensions, product weights, and product characteristics. Also, there is an option to exclude a product from tax or shipping rate calculation.
  • Coupons manager – create, update, and delete coupons and coupon variations based on product types.
  • Products management – create, update, delete, and manage products with various options, such as product variations support with standard features included.
  • Media manager – manages site media. You can add new media and can manage existing website media.
  • Statistic module – provides in-depth site analytics.
  • Reviews and comments manager – you can manage individual product reviews and comments.
  • Webpage Builder – this is an advanced feature. Using this feature, you can create, customize and delete existing web pages on your Website.
  • Site metadata manager – this module is intended to modify standard website metadata, such as link structure, website title and description, shop and office addresses, updated site icons, etc.
  • Search Engine Optimization Manager – Using our Search Engine Optimization Manager, you can optimize your Website for better search engine visibility.
  • Customer support module – helps you with customer support queries and the ticketing system. You can easily manage all support tickets, with options for creating new stuff to look into support issues, assigning support staff to cases, closing or updating support cases, etc.
  • Live chat module – supports Facebook page to connect your Website to facilitate live chat functionality. Use Facebook business manager to manage live chat conversations.
  • Post manager – create, delete, and manage blog posts.
  • Subscriber manager – this module contains functions to manage your website users who opted to receive further updates, offers, and announcements from your side. You can also bulk-send promotional emails about important events or contact your website subscribers.
  • Sales manager – manages sales data and configures payment gateway to receive online payments from customers.
  • Forms and Polls Manager and Builder – You can create customized forms to collect payments and run surveys, polls, and quizzes. Full management is included.


Client Area:


  • My account area – the user can sign up, sign in, update profile information, check order status, check invoices, etc.
  • Support section – can browse for Q/A and issue a support ticket or live chat with customer support.
  • Shopping section – can order products, filter, and search, compare product characteristics.
  • Cart and checkout – site users and visitors can add products to the cart, manage items during checkout, and apply coupons for discounts.
  • Track order – customers can track an order by order ID and email that they have provided during checkout.
  • Subscribe to newsletter – site visitors and users can subscribe to the newsletter.
  • Favorite and Compare List – site visitors and users can add products to their favorite and compare list, and from there, they can also move products to the cart or checkout.
  • Reviews section – customers can leave reviews on their purchased products.
  • Comments section – site users can leave comments on products and blog posts.
  • Miscellaneous – visitors can visit all public pages you have made available. Also, users can participate in polls, quizzes, and surveys.


How much does it cost?


Our managed eCommerce website offering is straightforward, and we believe in transparency in our work, and we list here all the expenses you need to date—no hidden charges. Here is the list of pricing:

Item Name Short description Charge Type Price
Initialization of your Website The initialization contains deploying your eCommerce website on our server. Our expert workers will do this job for you according to your requirement. A domain name is required. One-time charge per Website $79 initialization fee + $20 a first-month hosting fee, a total of $99
Website Hosting This charge can be paid monthly, tri-monthly, six-monthly, yearly, and two-yearly. This charge covers expenses to run your website Monthly, Tri-monthly, Six-monthly, Yearly, and Two-yearly $20 per month or $60 tri-monthly, $120 six-monthly, $220 annually (Save $20), or $430 two-yearly($50 off).

You are paying a $99 one-time payment to make your Website online for the first month, which includes one monthly hosting fee and initialization of your Website in the server with your given requirement. However, if you don’t have a domain name, you can buy one here:  https://www.godaddy.com/ So that we can make your Website under this domain. A domain is approximately cost only $15 per year.


Also, to keep your Website live, you must pay hosting fees on time, which are $20 per month or $60 tri-monthly, $120 six-monthly, $220 yearly(Save $20), or $430 two-yearly($50 off).

Remember that we do not sell domain names; you must choose and buy the domain from the domain provider and then provide it to us.


If you need help, please contact us here↗︎. We love to help you with any questions.


What you needed to provide:

We need several pieces of information to deliver your Website successfully. This helps us prepare your Website faster and less work time to finish your project. Here is a list of information that we need from you:

  • Domain name – must be required for your site’s identity.
  • Site name – a lovely name helps bring success; this is where your unique brand starts!
  • Site icon – 240×240 dimension, must be clean, clear, and in SVG format.
  • Site description – A good description helps you stand out from the competition and help you rank your Website in popular search engines
  • Shop address – full shop and office addresses- this information is needed to set up payment options. You can always change them later in the settings.
  • Shop niche – share your shop niche so we can provide you with the most complete and accurate template to start your Website, so you can save time by working less on website content. Learn more about niche from here: what is a niche market? definition, examples, and how to target one ↗︎
  • Facebook page access(Not Necessary) – We need your business’s Facebook page access for a short time to configure the Facebook live chat plugin. You can skip this step, and we will help you guide you on how to set up a live chat plugin on your own.
  • Active Stripe account – we need the Stripe account to enable credit and debit card payment on your Website. We need access to API keys only. However, you can skip giving us access. Instead, we will share a detailed guide on how to generate API keys.
  • Payments banner icon – like this example:
  • Payment options for customers – share with us so we can fast configure this option for you to save time—for example, Cash On Delivery, Credit/Debit Card, Cheque Payment, etc. You can always manage this setting from the admin panel.
  • Delivery or Selling country – Countries where you are expected to operate your business. For example, the USA, Canada, and the UK. We ask this to enable delivery addresses related to these countries/regions. You can also help all countries or exclude several countries from the delivery country list. Please note you can always customize these settings from the admin panel.
  • Further necessary information – sometimes, we may need additional information and opinions while working on your project. You must be willing to share the information required to deliver your project successfully.


How can we offer such a low price for such an e-commerce website?


We sell websites with hosting for businesses that need to come online and make their service accessible online. We are on a mission to help companies to cut the cost of developing their Website, creating a universal website template that matches the general niches, for example, the Website for a business that wants to sell products online,  a restaurant, a grocery shop, general knowledge sharing blog, clothing store, woman beauty supply website, e-commerce website, many many more with unlimited variations.

Our mission is not only to save businesses and cut their cost but even save years of website management hassle with custom website development; we want to make sure businesses focus on their sales and finances; we never want to make them worry about technical stuff!

The template we have developed is so feature-rich and a perfect fit for common types of businesses. So, we can offer such a price. So, it’s a win-win deal for both our customers and us. Also, there is a limit that you can’t copy your website source code or make a backup of source code without a valid source code license. We don’t limit the database and data backup, and you can request us to delete your Website, including the source code and database, which helps us cut the cost for you. However, if you need the website source code, you can request a backup of your Website source code(additional charge applied) from here -> managed e-commerce source code purchase form↗︎



Building a modern website with such features from scratch takes years with 5 – 10 software engineers. So we design our service tailored to your business, ensuring professional quality with website security and responsiveness in mind. We also offer a money-back guarantee from the project delivery date to one week if you are not satisfied with the quality of our work.


Support options

Please navigate to this link to learn more about the support option: here↗︎




A live demo website can be found here: https://www.pikvaly.com/


Want to purchase?

Here is the purchase link:  managed e-commerce website purchase form↗︎


Our policy on managed eCommerce website

This policy is extensive. Thus it moved to a new page. Click here to visit managed e-commerce solution policy page: policy on the managed e-commerce website↗︎.