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SoftyProg is a programming Company out of Delaware state.

I am a professional computer programmer mainframe designer and Payoneer of the building fiber optic cabling connections lines designer in Europe, leading hundreds of physical network construction and network security projects now leading the biggest internet development projects for small companies like yours, boosting up American and World economy by easing simple internet sales processes as you do every single day, making your sales stress free as an e-commerce store owner.

I worked actively with business organizations closely to ensure high-speed internet connectivity across Europe and accelerate internet sales in the USA by applying the Google search engine to slowly sell the company’s websites after I moved to New York City in 2005.

Why did I build Softyprog?

I build softyprog.com to help international businesses and individuals to get complete and quality services. Our mission is to make the world more dynamic, and more advanced with technologies, improve the living of this planet with technology, and yes help people to get a dream job in our company.

We work closely with large and small companies and organizations to improve their digital service offerings to their customers. My company loves to solve complex technical problems, that are not solved by anyone on this planet yet. Also, we are interested to invent more technology to make life easier and we are extremely fast and successful new project developers. For now, our office size is 83 highly skilled developers actively dealing with over 754 projects every day very productively, most of the time automated processes using our own uniquely developed super-fast programming methods! I repeat those methods are full of our copyright processing machines we invented to amaze your experience when working with us at a light speed problem-solving solutions!!!

Who is behind the scene of Softyprog?

All credit goes to our super powerful lovely engineering team.

What kind of services do we offer?

We offer broad digital services like Website Development And Designing, iPhone Application design and development services like mobile application and desktop applications, database design, software architecture design, server setup, and administration, custom hardware supply, bug fixing, customer support, technical support, and collaboration, marketing solutions, etc.

We are not only limited to these services. We may offer additional services you require.

About Us

We are a software company, who is offering engineering-driven solutions to the customer. You can get solutions for your digital services from us, with Unlimited support within.

Also, If you are in doubt to choose what technology is best for your need, we will help to choose suggest and build your project with the best technology that leading in the market with current TOP modern design and robust 128-bit security for your application.

Currently, we have specialized in offering e-commerce websites in various niches, which are feature-rich, and very affordable(only cost a nice dinner trust me!). Quality is our first priority. If you need a customized solution, We can develop any kind of website, where we will charge project basis or hourly basis, depending on the amount of work needed we need to do.

Besides the website, we also develop mobile applications for Android, iOS, iPadOS. We also develop applications for Windows, Linux, and MacOS platforms. To get a quote, contact us here↗︎


Message for you!

People are asking me on streets like… I’m working on building my own business! Did you ever think your business would be as successful as it is now?

Yee, I knew it I just never stopped 😄🤑 Honestly I didn’t even care I just did what I love and that’s all about it.

So it’s like you never stop because you love it and really don’t care much about the income it makes And You start loving it because with time you just become incredible at it like nobody around and because people start making you compliments you just become addicted to it and when money kicks in you be a millionaire by the time ppl become hypnotized by what you do.


So, if you are interested, here is a deal!


Your result will look like this when we finish building you a managed e-commerce website. You can cut years of development costs with us. Beat your competitor with our super ultra-fast website delivery in just a week!

We are experts in making websites, and let us make your business hit! launch fast in the market, and enjoy your dominance.


Learn more about managed e-commerce website from here: managed e-commerce website explained↗︎

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