If your mail server usages authorization, you should use this as true or checked depending on the client application.

Definitely, nowadays all mail service providers use Authorization. So, it’s not always explicitly mentioned.

TLS is standing for Transporation Layer Security, which is a cryptographic protocol, used to provide communication security. Our marketing app supports the latest 1.3 version, alongside SSL(Secure Socket Layer), it’s recommended to use it as the TLS is the successor of SSL and supports better security, and SSL is already deprecated in 2001.


If you use our marketing app and disable the TLS setting, the app will use SSL only and leave TLS disabled. We recommend you turn this setting on. Only disable this setting when you correctly provided all other settings but cannot authenticate to the mail server.

The mail service provider usually defines this term as SSL/TLS, as shown in this screenshot:

So, if you need help with configuring our marketing app, you should configure your setting as in the screenshot:


If you still need help with our marketing app, you should contact your email service provider for assistance. In case, if you believe, the error is from our side, feel free to contact us for support. We are happy to help you.

You can also request free help or submit an application problem, and you will get help from us depending on the request queue, by contacting us here ↗︎